Palace of Fires: Initiate cover Palace of Fires: unholy cover Palace of Fires: beast cover

Palace of Fires trilogy

I have proofread this witchcraft trilogy. It has leathered-up shapeshifters, a love story, a mentor program for teenage mystical powers, a first kiss, and the wisdom of mother–daughter relationships. Proofreading YA fiction requires the sensitive reading that awakens the teenage me, while the professional me focuses on the tight deadline to get the text in order. I beelined any Australian English phrases for this dual American/Australian title, and tested whether the historical sections planted me in the characters’ fears and triumphs as much as the modern-day sections did.

From the publisher: ‘Thanks so much for your excellent and superfast proofread … It made all the difference in getting that book to print on time and was much appreciated.’

From the author: ‘The proofreader’s attention to detail is amazing.’

Penguin Random House