Terminus: The Pub that Sydney Forgot

Terminus: The Pub that Sydney Forgot

***Shortlisted NSW Premier’s History Prize***

I edited this illustrated history that describes the place where over a 170 years of drinking and pub chats, shady deals and punch ups took place before the Terminus became the instagrammable gastropub that it is today. And yes, there is a gun story. This commissioned historian carefully researched the pre-sugar mill era of Pyrmont’s unhygienic, congested neighbourhood to the urban-renewed Pyrmont that is now home to high-rise apartments, share-work spaces, public housing and a casino.

From the publisher: ‘I’ve just looked through your edits and I’m impressed, thank you for your hard work on this.’

From the author: ‘… Melissa Faulkner edited the book with meticulous care.’

Ventura Press